[TRANS] 140604 Highlights & Park Yuchun’s Ending Talk for his 2014 fanmeeting Housewarming party in Seoul


[Entrance and greetings]

Opening video

(MC shows up on stage)

MC: Oh Yuchun, you were already in!
YC: That’s right, inside my house.
MC: This is your house, right?
YC: Yes, it is.
MC: Great! Now, please give a little speech to your fans who have been waiting for you.
YC: It’s been a while. Nice to meet you, everyone. Thank you very much for coming to meet me on my birthday. I’m so pleased to meet you all.
MC: Welcome to the Housewarming Party! Hi everyone! I’m MC Kim Shinyoung in charge of today’s fanmeeting! Nice to meet you!

MC: The stage is so cozy, it feels so good! So there’s the bedroom here. Everyone is the most curious about the bedroom, right?
Fans: Yes !
MC: Oh, there is also a telescope over there for maybe peeking at some people and a huge Yuchun’s picture.
YC: You see…

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