[NEWS] 140618 Park Yoochun for Singles – “Nothing like soju with diced radish kimchi”, Easygoing charms


Active as actor and an active JYJ member, Park Yoochun’s pictorial and interview were released.

Park Yoochun earnestly discloses his sentiments on finishing his drama ‘Three Days’, back story to filming for his first movie ‘Sea Fog’, thoughts toward acting, and preparations for JYJ’s new album in his interview, along with his photoshoot.

He “has returned back to his daily life to lays down his role as Han Taekyung in ‘Three Days’, but if he still looks at his suit, Taekyung comes to his mind. Every time he looks at a shirt, he will tell the joke ‘Where is my badge?!’ too” and talked about an episode after the finale. Every time he enters into a piece of work, he is excited and pleased; but he also had spoke about the feeling of ‘tightrope’, trying to learn about himself right now.

In spite of starting acting, he had even gone to a lot of drinking drinking parties; and in regards to his favorite alcohol, he had revealed his love for soju, saying: “There’s nothing like soju with diced radish kimchi snacks. Although there are a lot of good alcohol and delicious alcohol, the alcohol I’m familiar with is soju only”.

Even in Macau’s hot weather, there’s a rumor that Park Yoochun was cheerful like a playful boy at the shooting.

Park Yoochun’s pictorial and candid interview is available in the July issue of ‘Singles’ that will be released on June 18 and on its homepage.

Credit: OSEN
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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