[TRANS] Singles Korea Magazine (July 2014 Issue) Excerpt: About ‘Sea Fog’


Q: It has been confirmed that will <Sea Fog> be shown on August.
A: I really don’t know how it will be presented. From my accent in speaking, my steps while walking to the position of my shoulders, I have been living for Dong Shik. After finish acting, I have no idea what I have been doing. Now I am Park YuChun so I don’t have to immerse myself into the movie to live as Park YuChun but living as Park YuChun, it will be just like occasionally forgetting what did I eat the day before, totally unable to recall. During the recording of ADR (automated dialogue replacement, or additional dialogue recording), I was also looking at the scenes but it felt so unfamiliar. I did not make any calculations, totally following my instincts while advancing. I was not sure whether it’s a good and bad thing so I felt…

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