[VIDEO + NEWS] 140622 Park Yoochun, cutesy airport fashion with snap-back cap ‘Cute Male God’

Okay, he is our boyfriend 😆 😆 😆


Singer-and-actor Park Yoochun is swaying women’s hearts with adorable and cute charms.

On the morning of June 22, OBS ‘Unique Entertainment News’ captured Park Yoochun on camera departing through Incheon Airport for the filming of Hunan TV’s ‘Happy Camp’ in China.

This day, Park Yoochun appeared at the airport dressed in comfortable shorts and glasses. He also boasts cute charms to make a point with a snap-back cap and caused pit-a-pat to those who saw him.

In particular, you realize his popularity as many fans gathered to see Park Yoochun and it was incredibly crowded to even be able to walk at the airport.

Meanwhile, creating ‘Youtian(有天/Yoochun)’-holic in China and successfully completed his fanmeeting in Guangzhou on June 14, Park Yoochun will have a recording on June 23 as the only invited Korean actor and is slated to be on air on July 12 on China’s Hunan TV’s popular entertainment show…

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