[NEWS] 140623 Park Yuchun’s Fanmeeting before the recording of ‘Happy Camp’


Park Yuchun teased fans: My goddess is you

June 23, Park Yuchun came to Changsha for the recording of ‘Happy Camp’ Male Gods series. That day, Yuchun wore a checkered suit and had a fan meeting earlier. The screams from the fans made him feel the enthusiasm of China fans.

Park Yuchun wants to play a villain; loves the crown prince most; chooses entangled roles.

This year Park Yuchun acted in ‘Three Days’; compared to his previous 2 dramas ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘Missing You’, this one was not as hot. Yuchun revealed that he chose ‘Three Days’ because the character Han Tae Kyeong was always protecting others. Through this role, he hopes that people will also feel that he is a dependable person who can protect others.

Yuchun revealed that when he chooses roles, he prefers roles with conflicts/entanglements, physically and emotionally. That is why we have the tormented Han…

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