[NEWS] 140722 ‘Sea Fog”s Park Yuchun and Han Yeri’s kiss scene’s first unveiling

I love the way Yoochun stares at Han Yeri’s mouth ❤ ❤ ❤ ngeeee..
damn, just bring it on now #SeaFog!!!


 photo 59af4ebef9119d51fb1fdb010b413ea9.jpg
 photo 7d251856ad2067939d23395ecb74fc1e.jpg

‘Sea Fog”s Park Yuchun and Han Yeri’s kiss scene still is revealed.

‘Sea Fog’ side released the thrilling kiss still of Park Yuchun as the youngest crew member Dong-shik and Han Yeri as the Korean-Chinese woman Hongmae.

The revealed ‘Sea Fog’ still provides glimpses of some of the blooming, amorous feelings between the youngest crew member of Jeonjinho Dong-shik and the Korean-Chinese woman Hongmae who comes across the sea and risks her life.

Previously at the ‘Sea Fog’ showcase in Busan Cinema Center on July 15, Kim Yoon-seok evoked curiosity by disclosing, “Everyone was told to leave so that the 2 people, Park Yuchun and Han Yeri, to film for about 4 hours at the time. We have no idea what happened during that”.

Source: Newsen via Daum
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3

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