[NEWS] 140724 Promising acting-dol Park Yoochun to face critique on challenging the silver screen


■ Audiences’ assessments are looking forward to one of 3 idols

Park Yoochun’s debut film ‘Sea Fog’ invited to Toronto Film Festival…attention on its cinematic quality

The ‘new challenge spirit’ of the idol star’s (big) screen [debut] finally face critique. The idol star is about to be assess by audiences for contending with his skills, without relying on his popularity. The movie debuting on the (silver) screen will have Park Yoochun setting out in ‘Sea Fog’, a masterpiece with a scale of 10 billion won for production costs. There’s attentions and interests over what his challenge will bring to fruition, collaborating with experienced veteran actors and an adept production crew, too.

● Park Yoochun, into the strong fence of influential people

The main lead who definitely stands out is group JYJ’s Park Yoochun. He will have his screen debut with ‘Sea Fog’ that’ll open on August 13; all while boldly smashing apart idol stars’ typical ways…

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