[REVIEW] 140728 Twitch Film: Bleak And Gripping, SEA FOG Prizes Character Over Spectacle


Pierce Conran

To date, the summer of 2014 has seen the majority of mainstream Korean films fall into either of two categories: the noir thriller or the period blockbuster. While a handful of terrific genre pieces, namely “A Hard Day” and “Confession”, have succeeded in spite of this inertia, it’s been high time for something a little different. Along comes “Sea Fog”, a character-driven blockbuster set on a boat that is based on a play which is itself drawn from a real life incident.

A fishing trawler returns to port with a meager catch and when its captain is offered a pile of money to help some Chinese-Korean illegal immigrants sneak onto the peninsula he is quick to pocket the cash. He heads back out to sea along with his five-man crew and in the dead of night they make contact with another vessel carrying their payday. Soon the youngest…

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