[INTERVIEW] 140802 ‘Sea Fog’ Director Shim Sung-bo, “Park Yoochun and me both are rookies… we are bounded together by a common destiny”


Recently, prior to the release of movie ‘Sea Fog’(director: Shim Sung-bo, production company: Haemoo Co., Ltd), Shim Sung-bo divulged in an interview with Hankyung TV Blue News: “I had needed an actor who could act the role and is around his mid-20s. I needed an actor with an innocent(/naive) image. That’s exactly why he was Park Yoochun”.

Previously, Producer-director Bong Joon-ho had said “Director Shim Sung-bo chose Park Yoochun. Director Shim Sung-bo was very interested in Park Yoochun. To an extent, he chose who appeared in all of his works actually”. On this, curiosity over how Yoochun will portray [his character] in ‘Sea Fog’ is further heightened, if it is true.

Shim Sung-bo disclosed, “I had never thought of Park Yoochun as a singer. Only, I invested a lot of thoughts for a friend who had done a lot of dramas, who wanted to try doing a movie for the…

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