[INTERVIEW] 140825 ‘Haemoo (Sea Fog)’ Park Yoochun, “Love like Dong-sik, someday I’ll want to do that”


Debuted as idol group TVXQ ( 동방신기, 東方神起), Yoochun (JYJ) has now made his name an actor through dramas; ‘성균관 스캔들(Sungkyunkwan Scandal)’, ‘옥탑방 왕세자(Rooftop Prince)’, ‘쓰리데이즈(Three Days)’. Now he is back with his 1st movie – “해무 (Haemoo, trans. Sea Fog)”.


Based on an successful original play, Director Sim Seong-bo well illustrates aggravating tension among people out in the heavily fogged sea as their plan goes wrong due to tragic accident. Screenplay is by Bong Joon-ho and Sim Seong-bo. Director Bong Joon-ho participated in making of ‘살인의 추억(Memories of Murder)’, ‘괴물(The Host)’, ‘설국열차(Snowpiercer)’ and Director Sim Seong-bo wrote scenario for ‘살인의 추억(Memories of Murder)’. Also, senior actor Kim Yoon-seok is starred.

“I get nervous every time I do an art piece. I was even more nervous because people kept reminding me ‘this is the 1st movie’. (grinned). And when making a movie, they take only one to two scenes…

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