[INTERVIEW TRANS] 140825 Yoo Seung Mok “the production [Sea Fog] is an opportunity to look back on myself” (Kstyle)


(T/N: This interview has no mention of Yuchun and the content quite difficult and deep. BUT I find it gives an idea on what kind of filming environment the actors were in and hopefully enhances your viewing experience for this great movie, when you get to watch it!)

 photo 497646f3fe3e12bd25b5f52239258101.jpg

A variety of characters appear in the movie [Sea Fog].  When faced with extreme conditions, each reveals different instincts. When the time arrives where you can’t see an inch in front of you, your immediate reactions, that is the distinct charm of [Sea Fog].

Among the 6 crew members starting with captain Cheol Joo (Kim Yoon Seok), Gyung Gu played by Yoo Seung Mok is a character who treats money as utmost important. He loves women, but ultimately it is money. He never misses an opportunity to make money for himself, and this is how Gyung Gu’s personality can be described.

He has no family…

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