[SPOILER] 140827 The Greatest Scenes and Lines in the Film ‘Sea Fog’


 photo movie-point-the-greatest-scenes-and-lines-in-the-film-sea-fog-05.jpg

#1. “This is the first class!” – Engine room was the first class of the ship ‘Jeonjin.’

Engine room is the heart of Ship ‘Jeonjin’ and the place where ‘Hong-mae’ and ‘Dong-sik’ fall in love.

‘Dong-sik’ brings ‘Hong-mae’ who tries to hide from a fishery patrol ship to the engine room. He handed a blanket, a pillow, and napkins to her. Then, he said in Chungcheong accent, “This is good place~. I will make a bed for you, then this place becomes the first class of this ship~. You just take a rest here~.“

 photo movie-point-the-greatest-scenes-and-lines-in-the-film-sea-fog-061.jpg

‘Dong-sik’ also said to ‘Hong-mae’ who gobbles up Bbanggamae (It refers to ramen noodles. Crewmen call it ‘Bbanggamae’ in Korea.) that ‘Dong-sik’ made for her, “Actually, original Bbanggamae is all about seafood. You should put crabs, sea squirt, octopus, sea cucumber, and oyster in order to make original one. You also put hot red pepper to…

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