[NEWS] 150722 Park Yuchun doing no-guarantee narration for a visually-impaired piano child prodigy

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According to multiple film industry representatives on July 22, Park Yuchun –who is in the middle of being active as JYJ’s member and actor– is undertaking the narration for documentary film ‘Miracle Piano’ that will be released up ahead in September. He is attracting attention over opting to participate in the narration work and not accepting a fee for his voice appearance at all.

‘Miracle Piano’ is a documentary that portrays Miss Ye-eun and her family’s story after she appeared on ‘Star King’. It provides all of Miss Yoo Ye-eun’s family’s tale that didn’t get told by the broadcast. It is said that Park Yuchun was touched by Miss Ye-eun and family’s tale and decided on the no-guarantee narration.

A C-JeS representative informed Joy News24 that, “It’s right that Park Yuchun didn’t accept a guarantee and is in the middle of participating in the narration for ‘Miracle Piano’,” and, “We…

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